Jewelry care

At Eightyeight Conscious Jewelry, we always use high quality materials. All the silver items are made of 100% recycled sterling silver. The gold items are sterling silver on the inside and plated with a thick layer of 22 karat gold. These materials are best maintained with the following tips and tricks we have for you.


Our gold plating is of the best quality we could make, but it still wears off and lose its gloss over time.
That’s why we recommend to take the following steps to keep your jewelry pieces beautiful:

  • Gold plated jewelry is water resistant, however, exposure to water may wear off the plating faster. For long-lasting plating, we advise removing jewelry when showering, swimming and exercising.
  • Avoid contact with chemical products, such as perfumes and cleaning products.


It is completely natural for sterling silver items to oxidize over time, and for the silver to turn a bit darker. You can easily clean this by using a dry silver polishing cloth. It may take a while but this is the most gentle way to make them perfectly shiny again.

Scratches and user marks may occur on the plating and sterling silver pieces. This is normal when wearing it for a longer time on a daily basis.

All of our pieces carry a warranty, valid from the date you have purchased the product. If you want to make use of the warranty or have any question about it, please contact us at info@eightyeightjewelry.com.

For more information, you can also find the complete terms of the warranty here.